A developer tried to get the NBN for more than 5 months - and got it after he went to the media

Source: NBN

David Paynter was ready for the NBN to be installed in new townhouses in March when he was told his order was being put on hold because of pending upgrades.

Over the next few months he tried to follow up with several emails and calls but had no response. Then, after five months, he was told there was no date for the installation, but when he was finally given one, it would take another 14 weeks before it happened.

Tenants moved in 10 weeks ago and have no internet.

That’s when Paynter, fed up, threatened to take his case to the ABC.

The national broadcaster told the story of his frustrations today – and the NBN will be connected next week.

NBN Co. has conceded the delay was “unacceptable” and is now reviewing how it rolls out connections for new developments.

You can read more on what happened to David Paynter here.

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