A Designer Has Come Up With A Great Plan To Fix Windows 8

Jay MachalaniJay MachalaniJay Machalani

20-year-old Jay Machalani prefers Windows 8 over Macs or Linux, but has been frustrated by its quirks.

So he embarked on a three-month project to fix it.

“I love Windows 8 and it is my favourite OS to date, but that thing is filled with massive flaws,” he wrote on his blog.

Many of the things he dislikes have been well documented by others: the two sides of Windows 8 don’t talk to each other: the “desktop” mode (the side of Windows that looks like Windows 7 and runs Windows 7 apps) and “modern” mode (the touchscreen side of Windows 8). Plus, the touch commands are clunky, particularly when using a mouse, and so on.

Machalani fixed all of that and more in his redesign. He published the details of the project on his blog, first spied by Tom Warren The Verge, who notes:

Recent reports suggest Microsoft is planning to bring back the Start menu, along with improvements to its traditional desktop mode to allow new Windows 8-style applications to “float” and run in separate windows. Machalani’s concepts — which were completed long before the recent rumours — imagine how that might work in reality.

Machalani created this short video to show off his concept of a fixed Windows 8:

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