A designer created a new type of chair for kids -- and it's the perfect hiding spot

While kids don’t work 9-5 jobs, they also have a need to get away from it all.

Luckily this new chair will let kids do just that.

The Hideaway Chair, designed by Think & Shift, was designed for the New Shoots Children’s Center, which has multiple locations all over New Zealand. The chair recently won a prestigious A’Design Award for its smart design.

The spherical chairs are big enough to fit two children.

A small child can sit, stand, and lay down comfortably in any position in it.

The pod-like design of the chair provides a sense of calm and quiet.

It can also be very helpful for children with autism. Think & Shift points it out with this testimonial: “My son William attends New Shoots Papamoa (a New Zealand Childcare centre). William is 4 and has severe autism and Global Development Delay. William often needs time out and absolutely loves the hideaway chair. Every evening when I pick him up he is chilling in the chair.”

You can buy your own Hideaway Chair through Starex for $1,207.44.

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