A 'Depraved' Pool Cleaner Has Been Jailed For Sexting Nine Women In NSW

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A NSW man has been jailed for sexting nine women without their consent, with the magistrate handing down a three-year sentence.

Peter Lewis Sheather, 42, of Cammeray, admitted to nine counts of sending lewd text messages, photos and videos to women’s phone numbers he had obtained while working at a pool maintenance business, The SMH reported.

One of the messages Sheather sent said, “I’d love to f— you in your pool,” the court hearing revealed.

Sheather sent the messages between December 2013 and April 2014 and is believed to be the first person in NSW prosecuted for “sexting”.

Magistrate Roger Prowse referred to Sheather as a “depraved” individual, sentencing him to at least three years behind bars on charges of using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend.

Magistrate Prowse said:

“If you had to look up the word depraved, you would find an entry: Peter Sheather.”

The court heard Sheather had recently sought treatment for depression, after divulging details of childhood sexual abuse.

Despite this revelation, Prowse said, “depression does not equal depravity”.

It is understood Sheather will appeal his sentence.

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