A Deaf Western Australian Miner Is Suing BHP And Its Contractor For Discrimination

A deaf WA miner is suing BHP and its contractor Carey Mining for discrimination after being fired for a “communication problem”.

Law firm Maurice Blackburn said today that the 40-year-old man had been contracted by Carey Mining to work on a BHP site at Area C in north WA in May.

He had expected to work with the two companies for “20 to 25 years” but was fired shortly after he started.

Myers wears hearing aids and a cochlear implant. According to Maurice Blackburn, he is qualified to operate heavy vehicles and machinery in construction and mining, and is a licensed pilot.

“Andrew was very upfront with his employer and everyone around him about being hearing impaired,” lawyer Kamal Farouque said.

“After two to three days on the job, his immediate colleagues told him he was performing well and they had no problems, and that any issues with the two-way radio would be fixed.

“Suddenly, he was called to a meeting and told by Carey Mining he couldn’t work anymore because BHP thought there was a communicatoin problem.”

Myer said it was “my dream to work in the mine”. His case has been lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

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