A Deadly Heat Wave Baked The Western US [PHOTOS]

Heat Wave

An unrelenting heat wave gripped most of the Western United States this weekend, sending dozens to hospitals and shattering temperature records for this time of year in places like Death Valley and Las Vegas. 

On Saturday, where temperatures in Sin City reached 115 degrees, tying a record set for the same date set in June 1994, an elderly man was found dead in a home without air conditioning. 

The extreme heat also fuelled a forest fire in Central Arizona that killed 19 firefighters

Meanwhile, people did their best to stay cool in dangerously high temperatures.  

A young boy stops to cool off in a misting fan while walking along the Las Vegas Strip on Friday, June 28, as temperatures soared into the triple digits.

Two men dressed as Star Wars characters took a photo near an unofficial thermometer in Death Valley National Park. Officials think the thermometer, which reads 131 degrees Fahrenheit, is about three degrees on the high side.

A Park Service employee also poses in front of the unofficial temperature gauge on Saturday, June 29.

An Arizona construction worker., shown on top of a roof at sunrise, starts the day early in order to beat the daytime heat.

Tourists walk on the salt flat at Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park during a hot time of day on Saturday, June 30.

A National park employee makes her daily seven-mile morning run despite the unforgiving heat.

Italian tourists walk through Death Valley's Mesquite Dunes as high temperatures approach record levels.

A young boy cools off in the pool during a major heat wave in Southern California.

A pedestrian holds an umbrella to shield herself from the sun while strolling across the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars.

A young girl dances in the the sprinkler on a hot day in Portland, Oregon.

Animals were suffering under dangerously hot temperatures too. A squirrel monkey at the Phoenix Zoo sits on top of a mister to keep cool.

A zookeeper gives an elephant a cool shower during the heat wave.

A construction worker fights the stifling heat by covering his face with a bandanna.

The sun beats down on people sitting on a roof observation deck in Los Angeles, California.

A Michael Jackson impersonator in Las Vegas tries to shade himself with an umbrella as he tries to pull tourists over to pose with him for photos.

A Nevada man submerges himself in Lake Mead where temperatures hit 115 degrees on Saturday.

Three girls plant themselves in the water to escape the blazing heat.

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