A Day In The Life Of Designer Kimberly Ovitz During Fashion Week [Photos]

KImberly Ovitz fashion designerDesigner Kimberly Ovitz lets us tag along behind-the-scenes of her show day during New York Fashion Week.

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Designer Kimberly Ovitz  launched her self-titled label in 2009 with a desire to translate her love of art, architecture and nature into the world of women’s contemporary fashion.Four years later, Ovitz — the daughter of CAA co-founder and former President of the Walt Disney Company, Michael Ovitz — commanded the attention of the likes of Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, designers Tory Burch and J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons at her fall-winter 2013 show last week during New York Fashion Week.

Ovitz’s latest collection, which she has said was inspired by “animals and insects and their innate protection systems,” was received well by fashion critics, but she says it’s not always easy to produce.

“I am usually in fashion hibernation for the month of January,” Ovitz tells Business Insider. “I stay at the office later than usual, especially the last few weeks leading up to the show. I am usually there until midnight.” 

Part of what drives Ovitz is her desire to keep up with innovative technology and incorporate it into her own line. Her latest collection includes a jewelry line created in collaboration with 3-D printer Shapeways.

But even after the runway show is complete and the clothes are on store hangers, Ovitz’s work never ends.

“I go directly into market after fashion week so life is not totally back to normal until the end of February,” the 29-year-old designer tells us. “By the end of February I already have the next concept and am ready to start doing research.”

But in the end, she says putting her personal life on hold and the late hours at the office are all worth it.

“I was so happy with the way the show turned out and was so thrilled about all the positive reviews,” Ovitz continued. “My family was very proud of me.”

Calm before the storm on the runway.

I rarely do my hair because I don't like spending the time to do it. I came to the show site with wet hair and someone on the Aveda hair team treated me to a blow dry. Aveda did an amazing job transforming all the models' hair into corseted braids to complement the collection.

Looking on at a dress rehearsal an hour before the show to time the pace that the models walk to the music.

Gina from MAC Cosmetics, who has worked on the last two shows with me, treated me to some basic makeup before I started interviews — the one day I wear heavier makeup than usual. I'm usually a natural, less-is-more kinda gal.

Interviews before the show are exciting because I get an opportunity to share with people what I've been working on for the past few months. I'm also exhausted from no sleep the night before so I'm usually running on adrenaline.

Before the show we spent hours casting the models and making sure each girl wore the right look. This board is a puzzle but once it's figured out it becomes the backbone of the show.

Quick photo with David Yi from Fashionista. … Was great to see him because we recently worked together on a cooking piece for Fashionista and had a blast.

Showtime. I was backstage and couldn't see the runway because the monitor had a malfunction (eek) but all went smoothly. Every exit a model takes I'm tweaking the looks to make sure I get the shot.

The moment the last girl walks off, I head out to thank everyone for coming.

After the show some very near and dear friends sneak back stage to say hi. I'm so grateful to have their support.

Pouring the victory champagne … toasting my rock star team to a job well done.

This was huge for me. I am so lucky to have such an amazing team and couldn't have done it without them.

Kim could have given a few style pointers to musicians last weekend ...

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