DAY IN THE LIFE: The Young Head Chef At One Of New York's Best Seafood Restaurants Takes Us Into Her Kitchen

amy eubanks blt fishBLT Fish Executive Chef Amy Eubanks

Photo: Provided by Amy Eubanks

At the age of 36, Amy Eubanks is already at the helm of one of New York City’s most beloved seafood restaurants, BLT Fish (Zagat gives it a 24/30 food rating).Eubanks, who attended culinary school and worked in some of Manhattan’s best kitchens, spent nine months as the lead cook at BLT Steak while awaiting the opening of BLT Fish, one of famed chef Laurent Tourondel’s seven New York restaurants.

After nine months as the restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine, she was promoted to Executive Chef in March 2010.

Today she puts a creative spin on BLT Fish’s extensive seafood menu. She recently agreed to take photos of a typical day on the job so we could see what it’s really like to run the kitchen in a major New York restaurant.

Chef Eubanks' day starts at 8:30 AM and begins with breakfast and yoga.

That day she made a quick pit stop at the library. She needs something to read for her 30-minute commute to the restaurant on West 17th Street.

She stopped off in the Union Square Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh radishes.

After paying, it's off to the kitchen.

After arriving at BLT fish, she checks that all the food orders came in on time for the night's rush.

Some fresh mushrooms that will be used in dishes tonight.

A quick check that all the stoves and burners are ready to go.

Gathering pots and pans she will use for service tonight. Some of them are hard to reach!

Sorting through her spices.

It's time to get organised. Chef Eubanks writes up her specials for the evening.

And prep begins. This onion will go into a risotto ball dish.

Chopping away...

At this point her eyes are watering! (Guess you never grow immune to onions).

She lights the burner with a blow torch. This is no ordinary apartment kitchen.

Olive oil goes into a hot pan so she can sautee the chopped onion.

Finally, dinner service begins and tickets start to pour in from the dining room.

Chef Eubanks wears many hats during service. Here she plates dishes.

Finally, service ends at 11 and it's time to start cleaning.

After a long, long day, Chef Eubanks heads out the door around 11:30.

Now see what it's like to run a restaurant empire.

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