A Day In The Life Of A Princeton Football Player

College athletes have a much different college experience than any other student.

On top of classes, homework, and a social life, athletes have to go to practice, meetings, and games.

Roman Wilson, a senior wide receiver for the Princeton football team, is no stranger to that busy lifestyle.

Wilson, who has caught 37 passes for 649 yards so far this season, is on the go from the time he wakes up in the morning, to when he finally gets to sleep at night.

The week before Princeton played (and beat) Harvard, Wilson took us through a normal day in his life. That Saturday in Boston, Wilson caught the game-winning catch in the third overtime to lead the Tigers to victory.

Disclosure: The author’s father is a football coach at Princeton.

A college athlete's day starts earlier than most college students'.

Wilson has to get up early enough to go grab breakfast to take with him before he goes to the weight room for his first workout of the day.

By 8:00 A.M. Wilson is in the weight room.

And at 9:00 A.M. it's time for meetings. Wilson eats his breakfast that he picked up before the weight room here.

But let's not forget about school. After meetings, Wilson bikes over to his first class of the day that starts at 10. It's anthropology.

And since Wilson is graduating this year, he heads to get his graduation pictures taken at 11.

It's time for lunch. Wilson gets a bit of a break now to eat lunch at his eating club, Cannon Club.

Another thing normal college kids don't have to do is talk to the press. Wilson heads to speak with the media after lunch at 12:30.

But right after that, it's back to class. This one is a business leadership class with former Verizon CEO Dennis Strigl.

After business class, it's off to the training room to get taped for his 4:45 practice.

Then it's a quick bike ride back to the Woodrow Wilson building for another class before practice.

Right after class, it's to the practice fields.

Practice lasts for about two hours.

And then it's to the training room to ice.

Finally, it's time for a big dinner to refuel after a long day of classes and practice.

Wilson's day isn't quite over. It's back to his room now to do some homework and studying.

And finally, by about 11:30, Wilson gets to sleep so he can wake up and do it all over again.

And here's that game-winning catch

(video provider='youtube' id='fnOPesWGbL4' size='xlarge' align='center')

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