A Day In The Life Of A Hedge Fund Manager - Watch Hugh Hendry Eat Danish, Brush His Teeth, Drive A Tiny Electric Car

So during an interview with BBC and a tour of his office, we got to peek into the everyday life of Hugh Hendry.

And we found some stunning evidence to further the theory that this outspoken guy is not shy about his personality.

Here he is not/eating a danish:

Here he is brushing his teeth after the danish:

And here he is about to start driving a tiny little car, a Reva, an electric car.

Is this important? Probably not.

But it might tell you something about Hendry’s opinion of commodities, in particular, oil. And also what Hendry thinks about the country he buys his cars from: India (Hendry is BIG TIME shorting China).

And there are some people who think you can tell a lot about a man by what he eats for breakfast.

Click here to see a tour of Hendry’s office >

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