A Day In The Life Of A Chief Investment Officer In Dubai

dubai at night timelapse

Photo: YouTube/Gerard Donovan

One of the awesome things about being an investment banker is that your job can take you anywhere. A position that starts in London or New York can lead to another one in Shanghai or Singapore (and vice versa).So what’s that like?

Today, we get a look at a day in the life of an investment banker in Dubai, a town known for ex-pats, crazy real estate, and Emirate wealth. Gulf News followed Greg Dugan, chief investment officer for private banking at Emirates NBD, to find out what he does every day.

A few details: Dugan’s a British national who lives in Dubai’s Executive Towers. He’s got a driver, wakes up early and heads home around 6 or 7 pm, and he’s keeping an eye on emerging markets in Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

Here’s how the day starts:


I wake up and dress for the gym. I am an early riser and like to get as much as possible into my morning hours.


My driver takes me to the gym and by 6am, I am working out with my personal trainer. It is good to begin the day with some exercise, because it keeps me fit and alert for the rest of the day.


Arrive at work and start checking through the news on market developments on Wall Street and Europe and how the Asian markets have opened. I am on one of the early birds in the office, and the half hour of peace and quiet is important for me to take stock of the markets. The UAE is comfortably positioned in the intermediate time zone between the East and the West, and developments on either side can significantly impact our markets and the investments made by our investors.

Click here for the rest of Dugan’s day at Gulf News>




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