A Davos Wife Spills The Beans On The Social Scene At The World Economic Forum

Davos Google Party

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The annual World Economic Forum is about to begin tomorrow in Davos, and attendees have been descending down to the Swiss Alps all week for the four-day event. The meeting draws the biggest names in global leaders, academics, industry professionals and media.Anya Schriffin at Reuters has a telling Q+A with the wife of a frequent WEF attendee, and the wife’s answers are quite revealing about the social scene at the meeting, and what happens when the panels end and the sun sets on the sleepy alpine town during the course of the forum. [via DealBreaker]

Some amusing takeaways:

  • You can tell the new Davos wives apart from the veterans by the shoes they wear—wives who’re attending for the first time will still attempt to wear thin heels despite the ice.
  • Gossip is “valuable currency” at Davos, and whatever happens behind closed doors is quickly shared around social circles.
  • “Davos encourages bad behaviour.” And the guilty ones are often found with drink in hand at the various parties and receptions during the forum.
  • There are allegedly babies born 9 months after the forum ends, the result of a “night of passion” between bachelor attendees and the locals.

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