A Dating Site For Beautiful People Only Has Launched An 'Adopt-An-Ugly-Person' Mentoring Program

Online dating site BeautifulPeople.com, which only allows attractive people to list, has just launched a mentoring program to help “ugly” people find their way.

How kind of them.

The program allows “attractive people” to adopt someone who isn’t as blessed aesthetically and haven’t been voted to be hot enough for the site.

Greg Hodge, managing director of BeautifulPeople.com, says it’s a great way for beautiful people to help others.

“We all know the classic teenage movie scene where the ugly duckling takes off her thick glasses, lets down her hair and is transformed into the beautiful woman,” he said.

“It’s politically correct these days to say: ‘Just love yourself the way you are.’ But that’s easier said than done. People should be encouraged to better themselves and by introducing the mentorship initiative we are taking a positive step towards that goal.”

About 7.5 million people who have been rejected as not good-looking enough to list on the site will be contacted to participate in the “adopt-an-ugly-person” program which aims to help them improve their looks or dating skills by matching candidates with mentors either in person or via video conferencing.

“The mentors have been chosen from among current BeautifulPeople.com members as a charitable drive to help those less fortunate than themselves,” the site said.

Program mentor Allison Brannan. Image: Supplied.

A spokesperson for the site said in the past week about 1,400 “uglies” have signed up for the program.

One of the mentors, Australian fashion stylist and psychologist Allison Brannan, says: “Physical appearance is critical, whether we like it or not.”

“What is most important, however, is having character to back it up. I have seen men and women dissolve from a 10-out-of-10 to a 3 as soon as they open their mouths. Equally I have seen a 5 become a 10 during the course of a single dinner.”

Becoming a member of BeautifulPeople.com isn’t as easy as creating a profile page and hitting submit – you have to be voted in by existing members based on your photos and brief profile.

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