A Cure For Bill Shock: One Phone, 8 Numbers, 66 Countries

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Use your mobile phone across the world without worrying that a huge bill will be waiting when you get home. That’s what business travellers want.

Truphone, a UK company, appears to have smashed the problem of travelling with your mobile and getting charged hundreds of dollars for phone calls and data.

For $145 a month, Truphone users can use their mobile devices in 66 countries and have 2GB of data.

At the core of the group of 66 nations is an area of eight key countries called the Truphone Zone.

Here, users get up to eight international numbers on a single SIM card, so their contacts can reach them on a local number and at local rates, wherever they are in the world.

Truphone World region accounts for more than 70% of all international travel routes including Europe and key business destinations in North America, South America, Asia and Oceania.

Alex Blinko, managing director for Truphone Australia, says Australian businesses which have been significantly hampered by traditional approaches and pricing for international mobile communications.

“With almost three in five Australian businesses sending employees abroad on a quarterly basis, and over 40% of these businesses identifying roaming charges as a challenge for their business and their employees, Truphone World brings about an end to the uncertainty of international communications, enabling businesses to be productive globally.”

The Truphone SIM, smaller than a thumbnail, is at the heart of a unique high performance network that covers half the world.

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