A crowdfunding campaign to buy Duncan from Q&A a $6000 toaster has raised $20,000

QandA unexpected star, Duncan Storrar. Source: ABC

Melbourne father of two Duncan Storrar became a major talking point of the federal election yesterday after taking on business leader Innes Willox and small business minister Kelly O’Dwyer on Monday night’s Q&A over increases to the tax threshold for people earning more than $80,000.

When he asked O’Dwyer, who is also assistant treasurer, why the government wasn’t giving tax breaks to people on the minimum wage, the minister talked about a cafe where the owner wanted to buy a $6000 toaster.

Today, The Australian revealed more about Storrar’s personal circumstance. Now 45, he lives with his mother, working part-time as a truckie for $16 an hour, while studying and receiving a fortnightly $520 ¬≠Austudy ¬≠allowance.

He is separated from his partner, who lives in a housing commission home in Geelong with their two daughters, aged 8 and 6, whom he one day wants to see go to university.

His argument is that the tax-free threshold should be lifted from its current level of $18,200 – which is taxed at 19 cents in the dollar from that point – so he can do more for his daughters.

Meanwhile, Australians have rallied to help Duncan Storrar after Samuel Fawcett and a mate decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise $6000 so the Melbourne dad can buy his own toaster.

Here’s what he wrote on about the campaign.

Duncan seems like a good bloke and every little bit of cash goes a long way.

We reckon he deserves a bit of a helping hand so we’ve decided to buy him a new toaster.

6 grand oughtta cover it. And if he has a little bit left over, maybe he can take his kids to the movies or something.

In just 12 hours, the GoFundMe campaign has gone viral, with around 800 people donating more than $20,000 the duo say will go to Storrar so he can buy something for his daughters.

On Q&A, Storrar told O’Dwyer that a tax cut for the working poor would allow him to take his daughters to the cinema.

Fawcett launched the campaign without checking with Storrar and is hoping to make contact with him today to let him know about the cash coming his way.

“This is really about Duncan and him unexpectedly representing battlers everywhere who are doing it tough,” he wrote.

The GoFundMe campaign is here.

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