A Couple Of Kind Dutch Inventors Turned A Boy’s Dead Pet Rat Into A Helicopter

How he would have wanted it. Picture: YouTube/pricordia

A documentary airing on Channel 4 in the UK tonight stars a dead pet rat attached to a remote control drone.

The rat, Ratjetoe, was put down a couple of months ago when it was discovered he had cancer.

His heartbroken owner, 13-year-old Dutch schoolboy Pepeijin Bruns, couldn’t let him go. So he asked his dad to send Ratjetoe to inventors Arjen Beltman and Bart Jansen.

“When I heard the boy’s rat had died of cancer, and how upset he was, I just knew I had to help,” Beltman told the Exeter Express and Echo.

Beltman and Jansen hit internet fame back in 2012 with the Orvillecopter – a stuffed cat melded with a remote control helicopter.

The Orvillecopter – keeping dogs awake since 2012. Picture: Channel 4

Since then, they’ve expanded their range to include a flying dead ostrich, and in July, they posted the first test flight of a jet-powered shark which had died of a bacterial infection in an aquarium.

If you think we’re kidding:

But back to Ratjetoe, who’s the main drawcard for All Creatures Great and Stuffed, a one-hour documentary from BAFTA nominated director Matt Rudge.

Rudge’s documentary delves into the world of taxidermy, which he says has become “very much in vogue recently”. He even finds a taxidermist stuffing roadkill who’s about to open a high street shop. Apparently there are people willing to pay up to $500 for a mounted unicorn rat surrounded by bubbles.

“It’s a controversial topic, but the craft has moved on since the Victorian days since it was last popular,” Rudge wrote on his blog.

“Many people now do it ‘ethically’, which means they only use animals that have already died of natural causes. I had wondered who the people were that were buying it, making it, and selling it… and why!”

Here’s the trailer: