Fans are freaking out about how this character looks in a sequel of the most popular fighting game ever

When you’re working with classic franchises, loved by millions, you’re walking on egg shells.

Take Mickey Mouse, for instance — if Disney changed his look too much, or made him tonally inconsistent with his long history, fans might revolt. Such is the case with Japanese video game studio Capcom, and its classic “Street Fighter” series. As revealed on Thursday at San Diego Comic Con, the next “Street Fighter” game features a significantly changed main character. 

Here’s what Ken Masters looked like in his first major appearance, in “Street Fighter II”:

Street Fighter 2CapcomAn image from ‘Street Fighter II’

This is how he looked in the most recent iteration of the franchise, from 2008:

Street Fighter IVCapcomKen Masters in ‘Street Fighter IV’

And here’s what he looks like in the reveal trailer, seen above:

Street Fighter VCapcomKen Masters in ‘Street Fighter V’

Pretty significant change, right? Fans certainly thought so, to the extent that they are taking to social media with the online equivalent of pitchforks and torches.

Capcom has plenty of time to alter Ken’s looks back to a more expected version ahead of the game’s planned launch in March 2016. Whether the company will stick to its guns, however, remains to be seen.

Written by Ben Gilbert, produced by Matt Johnston. Video courtesy of Capcom.

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