INFOGRAPHIC: The Most Influential Thinkers In History And How Their Ideas Are Connected

Brendan Griffen at Griff’s Graphs put together an awesome infographic mapping the connections between influential thinkers and which other philosophers, authors, economists, comedians, and the like have been influenced by their ideas throughout history.

Zoom to see the web of thinkers and how they are all connected:



Here is Griffen’s explanation of how he constructed the map:

In short, I used a database version of Wikipedia to extract all people with known influences and made this map. The bigger the node, the bigger influence that person had on the rest of the network. Nietzsche, Kant, Hegel, Hemingway, Shakespeare, Plato, Aristotle, Kafka, and Lovecraft all, as one would expect, appear as the largest nodes. Around these nodes, cluster other personalities who are affiliated (depends on distance). Highlighting communities by colour reveals sub-networks within the total structure. You’ll notice common themes amongst similarly coloured authors.

Check out his site for the caveats >

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