A Company Used The Edward Lu 'Pocket Square' Grad Email As Inspiration For An Ad

A Sydney graduate with professional services company Ernst & Young was made infamous recently after a curiously-worded email he sent to three women went viral.

The missive contained memorable lines such as: “Hopefully you still have a glimpse of memory of me as the suited guy with pocket square.”

It was sent around to a roll call of graduates at big-name companies.

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Now, online tailor Institchu has used Lu as inspiration for a new ad, saying “We are big fans of Edward’s networking technique.”

“Wearing a pocket square to a corporate event was not only a great way to express his personal style, but it served as a talking point in his punctual follow up email.

“Well played Edward!”

Institchu wants to get in touch with Lu, with its ad saying “Edward, we know it’s been a tough few weeks, but we have a few common points that we would like to talk with you about and we hope that someone in your network has forwarded this to you.”

In the email — which Lu sent to three women he met at a networking event — he boasts of his industry contacts, what he described as investment banking “movers and shakers.”

It also had paragraphs headed “Common Points” and “Going Forward”, and a mention of “mutually aligned schedules”.

In honour of Lu, Institchu is giving out free pocket squares with suits as well as discounts.

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