This Commodities Broker Faked His Own Death For 25 Years To Hide Out In Vegas

A commodities broker who is said to have run up big gambling debts before being declared dead in 1986 was just found in Las Vegas, where he had been working in the sports betting business for the past 10 years.No word on how exactly he got himself declared dead (he went missing), but he got a job in Vegas by stealing someone else’s identity.

It sounds like he might have mob affiliations and that he went missing because he owed debts to them, so it might be just as well to leave him declared dead.

From CBS Chicago:

A onetime commodities broker from Chicago has been missing since the Carter administration, and was declared legally dead a quarter century ago. But it turns out that Arthur Gerald Jones has been with us all along, and had been working as a bookie in Las Vegas. Jones, 72, is in big trouble now.

Jones, who had a seat on the Chicago Board of Trade, was reported missing in 1979. He had been living in Highland Park with his wife and three children. His disappearance was immediately labelled suspicious, and police believed he might have run into trouble with gambling debts and possible mob affiliations, the Tribune reported…

“Mr. Jones apparently had a valid Social Security number that was issued to another person, and that’s how he was discovered, was someone filed a complaint,” said Kevin Malone of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

So the other bit of news here is that someone at the DMV actually did something.

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