How this socially-minded company built its success with the help of an innovative loan product for small business


  • Odd Pears is an Australian owned and created business with an intriguing product and a social conscience.
  • The business has been able to grow with the support of PayPal Working Capital.
  • A PayPal Working Capital loan is unique as it is based on flexible payments that change with your sales. Odd Pears has used additional funding from PayPal to support growth when income streams were irregular.

In 2013, entrepreneur Brock Sykes established Odd Pears, a unique sock business selling mismatched “pears” of three to encourage people to be ‘odd’ and give back to the community. Since then, he has sold an astonishing 90,000 socks to buyers around the world.

The brand has close to 20,000 Instagram followers and has donated $1 to charity for every “pear” sold.

“We are constantly striving to do better and be a better company,” said Brock. “We want to keep making amazing products and do our customers proud.”

However, growth doesn’t come without cost and effort. “It is important that we always have access to capital when required,” Brock said, adding his business needs to be equipped for both the expected and the unexpected.

After being in business for a short time, Odd Pears found the solution to meeting its growth requirements by accessing business loans with PayPal Working Capital.

“[When I first accessed the service], we were importing a large shipment of socks and we had unaccounted for duties and taxes charges at the border. I was frantically shopping around for fast, flexible and convenient financing and was stoked to find Working Capital,” says Brock.

Fast, flexible business capital loans

Because Odd Pears was already receiving their customer payments with PayPal, applying for a Working Capital Loan was easy. “After clicking through on the website and reading a little bit more about the product we decided to apply,” Brock says, “I was prompted to log in and from there everything was pre-populated and calculated. It was so easy.”

The added benefit of PayPal Working Capital loans is that, unlike traditional banks or loan products, which demand ongoing repayments, Working Capital loans are only serviced when the business actually has money coming in.

“Your loan [amount] is calculated on your sales history so there’s little risk of biting off more than you can chew. This is in stark contrast to other finance products like credit cards with their high ongoing fees and limits providing an obvious incentive for the bank to over-extend their customer”.

For small business owners, the bonus of PayPal Working Capital loans is in the real flexibility of repayments. These are automatically deducted each day based on a nominated percentage of PayPal sales.

Should a business have a day without sales, they won’t be penalised. If a business has a bumper month and wishes to make an extra repayment to pay the loan back sooner, they won’t incur added fees.

Making the business ‘loan cycle’ easier

When you’re running a small business, particularly in the early days, the bills don’t stop. It is normal to have debt and ongoing repayments, which is why business owners like Brock are excited to take advantage of products which are individually tailored to their needs. Odd Pears is currently on its third PayPal Working Capital Loan.

“It’s a fast, fair and convenient way to satisfy your business finance requirements,” says Brock, who adds that this type of loan really suits small to medium sized businesses that require regular access to convenient finance.”

“We still have debt and ongoing repayments but it is amazing taking advantage of a brilliant product that is individually tailored to your needs. From the amount [of the loan] to the repayments, you’re always in control.”

PayPal is intimately aware of small business processes. Working Capital funds can be used for all aspects of business, from buying new merchandise and importing products, to paying GST.

Eligible businesses who are approved for PayPal Working Capital loans can receive funding in as little as five minutes, empowering them for instant growth.

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