A City Block-Sized Asteroid Will Shoot Past Earth Tonight

astroid asteroid

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Attention space enthusiasts: an asteroid the “size of a city block” will whip past Earth tonight, Space.com’s MIke Wall reports.  The asteroid was discovered earlier this week by astronomers at an Australian observatory. 

Although the 1,650-foot wide space rock, which will pass within 3.35 million miles of Earth, is large enough and comes close enough to our planet to be considered a hazard, astronomers say there’s nothing to worry about.  

If it passes within range to be caught on camera, you’ll be able to watch the live event safely from you computer screens through the Slooh Space Camera, starting at 8:00 p.m. EDT.

In May, NASA scientists found around 5,000 asteroids close enough to smash into Earth.  

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