A Circus Performer, A Writer And An App Developer Have All Applied For AMP's $1 Million Good Ideas Fund

Pole performer Adam Davis. Image: Supplied.

AMP has launched a $1 million fund to support the development of ideas in Australia.

Called the Tomorrow Fund, AMP is allocating up to $1 million a year to help Australian’s fund their ideas, no matter how crazy some may seem.

So far the company has received a number of applications for the grant, including a circus performer who uses poles in his act and wants to be the best “pole performer” – not to be confused with a pole dancer – in the world, an Australian who wants to develop an app for hiking and a writer who wants to create a national literary platform.

Pole artist Adam Davis said he wants to develop one of the best duo pole acts around.

“An act that is unique and beautiful, inspiring young Australians to reach for their goals while showing audiences that Australia produces some of the finest artists in the world,” he said.

There are also a couple of social documentary film makers who are applying for the money.

AMP director media and community relations, Julia Quinn, said the program was started to remove the funding obstacle talented people sometimes face.

“It might be a community project, an invention, social enterprise or maybe something left-of-field that has never been attempted before like setting an obscure world record. We’d like to give a helping hand to go out and fulfil that dream,” Quinn said.

Grant sizes range from $10,000 up to $100,000 and will be allocated by a judging panel with members from social enterprise, science, the arts and technology fields.

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