Another Sign That China's Super Rich Are Obsessed With Luxury Air Travel (And Can Afford It)

Cirrus Plane

Photo: cfournie via flickr

A plane dealership opened last Friday in Zhuhai, China. But that isn’t the big news.According to People Daily, Zhuhai Cirrus General Aviation sold 14 planes in the three days after they opened.

In case you had any doubts, that’s awesome.

The small, American-built planes are priced from $480,000, so these are not cheap by any standards. That means that gross revenue for the weekend was at least $6.5 million.

Like many aspects of Chinese transportation, air travel is highly regulated and has long approval processes for any private flights. But that hasn’t stopped growth of private pilots licenses in the nation, as they are becoming the new status symbol.

The good news is that China is looking at deregulating some flight areas, which would make it easier for private pilots to fly into and around cities. With this amazing sale, look for more private plane makers to expand into the Chinese market.

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