A Chinese billionaire is building 'Le Supercar' to take on Tesla

Billion-dollar Chinese company LeTV and owner of China’s largest streaming service LeTV is going after Tesla by creating its own version of the electric car in-house.

So far LeTV has hired more than 600 people including 200 staff from companies such as Tesla and BMW in the US to build Le Supercar.

In 2014, the number one streaming service in China — which also produces its own shows, movies and sports programs — moved beyond digital entertainment into electric cars with CEO Jia Yueting cashing in $US1.2 billion of his own shares to fund Le Supercar.

So far, sketches of Le Supercar have revealed it to be much like an sleek-looking hatchback or a sporty station wagon designed to rival Tesla’s electric cars aimed at the mid to high-end market.

What’s incredible is that the car’s operating system will be based on the Android-based OS.

“We believe when you put the big screen and the service with the apps into the electric vehicle, you can use this as a portal as well, and reach the customer,” leader of the Le Supercar project Tony Nie told Co.Design. “That’s a main reason we want to develop this electric vehicle.”

LeTV’s Le Supercar will feature its own powertrain that LeTV is developing in-house including video communication, an inverter, and battery technology.

The move is part of LeTV’s broader plan to develop a Super Electric Ecosystem (SEE) including open technologies for smart electric cars as investing in green energy and charging station companies.

It is set to debut at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show and be on the market at the beginning of 2018.

Here are the concept images of Le Supercar:

LeTV is shaping up to the China's version of Tesla. It will be built by more than 800 staff with talent poached from Tesla, BMW, Ford and GE.

There are reports that it will include advanced smart technologies such as video communication across cars, powertrain and battery technology. It is aimed squarely at the luxury market.

The car's operating system is a revision of the Android-based OS and is being pegged as a TV on wheels.

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