A Chicago trading firm is hiring for a new cryptocurrency team

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  • XR Trading, a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm, is looking for talent to fill a new cryptocurrency team.
  • The firm is advertising on LinkedIn and its website for cryptocurrency traders and cryptocurrency software developers.

XR Trading is the latest trading firm to catch the cryptocurrency bug.

The Chicago-based prop trading firm is looking to fill the ranks of a new cryptocurrency team, according to two job postings on LinkedIn seeking both a cryptocurrency trader and a cryptocurrency software developer for its Chicago office.

In the ad posted on LinkedIn for a cryptocurrency trading position, the firm said it is looking for someone to assist “a new team with learning the landscape of bitcoin and other digital currencies.”

The software developer would work close with traders to “develop systems that will contribute to our low-latency trading platform.”

On the firm’s website, it is advertising for two additional cryptocurrency positions for its London office. The firm, which describes itself as a “leader in derivatives,” trades across a number of asset classes according to its website. It has offices in New York, London, Chicago, and Ottowa.

A number of trading firms have jumped on the bitcoin bandwagon, including DRW and DV Trading in Chicago. Such firms typically find more profit opportunities in volatile markets. But when the markets are calm, as they have been for much of the year, those opportunities are harder to come by.

“Given the historic low volatility we are observing in all traditional asset classes, it is no surprise that prop firms see opportunity in cryptocurrencies where volatility is currently very high,” Garrett See, the CEO of DV Chain, a cryptocurrency trading firm based in Chicago told Business Insider.

XR Trading did not respond to messages requesting comment.

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