A Championship Fantasy Football Draft

Winning a fantasy football title isn’t easy. It comes down to a lot of prep work, some lucky breaks, and most importantly, a solid draft! Your championship hopes start on draft day which is why I want to take a look back at my 2011 championship draft and offer reflection and insight.

I struggled with whether I wanted to even write this blog. On one hand, I didn’t want this to come off as some blowhard who is bragging about his fantasy football win. On the other hand, I thought it would be fun to look back at what worked and didn’t work, with the idea that maybe someone could take something out of this and apply my strategies to their fantasy football draft next season.

Fantasy football is more than just a game for me, it is a true passion. I love talking about it, I love playing it, I love the strategy, I love the nerves, I love it all. By veteran standards, I am probably still a newbie with only five years experience. I remember when I started and my brother in law told me that it would take five years before I even make the playoffs in our highly competitive money league. I thought he was crazy. I know football so it will be easy right? Wrong.

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