A former Sony exec reveals the challenges of moving from the US to London to run JK Rowling's website

Harry Potter flying carWarner Bros. PicturesThe CEO of Pottermore packed everything up and moved to England.

When former Sony exec Susan Jurevics took on the role of CEO at Pottermore, JK Rowling’s digital publishing and entertainment company, she knew she was going to have to make a big move — literally.

Pottermore is located in London and Jurevics was living in New York at the time.

However, she was no stranger to travelling for the job. Her previous role at Sony allowed her to work in several different locations over the years, including Japan and California.

She was also familiar with London. During her undergraduate years at Holy Cross University, she spent a semester studying abroad at the University College London. The school is within walking distance of her office today.

However, a lot had changed over the years. Jurevics told Business Insider that it was, at first, a bit startling to return to the area thirty years later with a husband and children.

In addition, the CEO had certain subtle but noticeable cultural and linguistic differences to contend with as she settled into her new role. Jurevics notes that once in a while, certain American phrases or words will throw off the UK natives on her team.

“We joke that we need to translate English among us as native speakers,” she says. “Some of the words we use as Americans aren’t familiar to people here.”

However, the many similarities between New York and London helped her adjust.

“London has a very similar energy and vibe to New York. It’s certainly not as cold, and a little more wet,” she says. “London is not England and London is not the United Kingdom. London’s obviously a major city here, but to really get to know England and to really get to know the United Kingdom, you’ve got to branch out away from London. It’s similar to the way that New York is not the United States.”

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