The CEO of a fitness franchise explains the key to fitting workouts into your busy life

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It’s all in the pace. Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Fitting workouts into a busy schedule can be tricky.

“People are naturally not motivated. They’re just not!” Ben Midgley, CEO of Crunch Fitness Franchise, told Business Insider.

Raising kids, having long hours, or a demanding schedule in general can make it difficult to carve out time for a workout.

“That’s why you’ve seen such a rise in Fitbits and streaming exercise,” Midgley said. “And that’s all great, but the key I think for someone trying to exercise is pace — if you can’t fit it into your lifestyle, you’re never going to be able to stick with it.”

That pacing is critical. “You have to have a measured approach to it,” he said. “People enjoy going to the gym because it’s a community, and if you can work out with a friend and introduce some variety into your workout routine, that is also beneficial. Whatever you can do to keep yourself in that place works.”

And if you look up one day and realise you haven’t been to the gym in weeks, that’s OK. What’s more important is being consistent. “Don’t just relapse and stop and say, ‘Oh I failed,'” Midgley said. “Go back. Just start again.”

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