A Group Of University Of Virginia Students Started An A Capella Group For Terrible Singers

A group of students at the University of Virginia may have just created the worst college a cappella group in the country — on purpose.

According to UVA student newspaper The Cavalier Daily, student-singers founded the Virginia No Tones in order to give non-experienced singers a chance to do a cappella. As part of the try-out process, students were asked if they had ever auditioned for an a cappella group before.

“We will click as a group and have back up parts and vocals, but not necessarily have good back up parts and vocals … We are going to be like an a cappella cover group, almost,” one student told The Cavalier Daily.

Another difference will be the No Tones’ terminology. “When prospective members began to use too much singing lingo, such as ‘alto’ or ‘soprano,’ the founders had to ask them to tone it down a notch. They will be referring to everyone in the group as ‘high,’ ‘middle’ or ‘low’ singers in order to make things a bit easier,” The Cavalier Daily reports.

Check out more on the Virginia No Tones at The Cavalier Daily >>

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