A California Lawyer Just Got Busted For Flashing A Flight Attendant

inside an aeroplane

Photo: mrkathika/Flickr

A licensed attorney who previously got in trouble for sexually inappropriate conduct was busted again Thursday, this time for exposing himself on a plane.During a February 2011 flight, Leonard Julius Sawyer asked the woman next to him intimate questions repeatedly and then exposed his erect genitals, an FBI press release stated.

Later he went to the bathroom, giving a flight attendant a strange look.

He then stepped out, turned back, went inside the bathroom again, and came out facing the attendant while flashing his erect genitals.

After she told him he was being inappropriate, the FBI alleged, he answered with “can’t a guy have his fly undone?”

He was convicted on two counts of lewd conduct and could face 90 days in prison plus a $5,000 fine for each count, according to the press release.

Sawyer was previously suspended in 2011 for touching the buttocks of a female deputy district attorney, court clerk, and a security officer in 2010, according to the California Bar Journal.

He was reportedly placed on probation for a year and attended 50 counseling sessions because of the incident.

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