A cafe that only serves cereal opens in Melbourne next week

Cereal fan Bryan Robertson is opening a all-day breakfast bar in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond.

In the biggest coup for Melbourne dining since The Fat Duck opened at Crown Towers last week, Melbourne now boasts the country’s first cereal café.

Cereal Anytime, an all-day pop-up which opens in Richmond on Thursday, February 19, offering 15 different cereals, along with full cream, skim, almond, soy and organic milk, for $4 per bowl.

No Heston Blumenthal’s egg and bacon ice cream here, just Fruit Loops, Pop Tarts, Wheat Bix and for, perhaps less-regular customers, All Bran.

The menu

The cereals are divided into three categories: slow burn (think muesli, Special K), keep me going (Nutrigrain, Just Right), and pick me up (some of the more sugary options such as Coco Pops an Crunchy Nut. For an extra $2 you can also add blueberries, raisins, raspberries, milo bars, protein balls, honey and organic yoghurt.

Yes, it’s open for breakfast, but founder Bryan Robertson wants to keep the Cheerios flowing well into the evening. The surprising thing is that Robertson works for a health company focussed on wellbeing and is a physiotherapist used to dealing with elite athletes. So what’s he doing serving cereals for dinner?

“As a huge cereal fan, it was not hard finding inspiration for Cereal Anytime – it taps into the trend we’re seeing globally with nostalgic foods making a comeback. We’ll be serving all the cereals that people know and love, with healthy living tips on the side,” said Robertson.

“Enjoying cereal as part of a balanced diet is all about making informed choices and watching portion size so we’re here to celebrate cereal, anytime of the day, in a wholesome way.”

He plans to have a dietician onsite daily to offer nutritional advice if you want to be reminded of what a pop tart does to your blood sugar levels and portion control.

Robertson says one of the key messages he wants to deliver is that cereal is a luxury food, which is okay to eat in moderation.

The café will also have a “pay it forward” philosophy so you can shout a bowl of cereal for someone who needs it.

Cereal Anytime will be part of the creative hub Swan Street Chamber of Commerce at 214 Swan Street, Richmond.

Further details on the breakfast bar will be posted on its Facebook page.

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