Cab Booking Company GoCatch Has An Online Two-Up Game In Time For ANZAC Day

Two-up is an ANZAC Day tradition in Australia. Image: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images.

Taxi booking app goCatch has launched an $80,000 online game of two-up in a marketing stunt that trades on ANZAC DAy.

The coin tossing game which is only legal on ANZAC Day in Australia has been recreated online and if you win the company will give you a $5 credit to use the next time you catch a taxi.

The rules are each person can choose either heads or tails and two coins are tossed, if they both land on your choice your goCatch account gets bolstered $5 to be used on cab rides in April.

GoCatch said it plans to keep the competition open until midnight on Friday or until $80,000 worth of vouchers have been won.

When asked if the company thought it was appropriate to commercialise ANZAC Day a spokesperson told Business Insider it was just trying to “share in the spirit of ANZAC Day with our users”.

GoCatch co-founder Ned Moorfield also said: “like all Australians the team at goCatch remember the sacrifices of those who served their country, while celebrating the Australian qualities and spirit that the day represents”.

“We also want to encourage people who may be drinking alcohol on Friday to get off the roads and get home safely in a cab.”

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