It Costs Up To $US80,000 To Make A Business Class Aeroplane Seat

A single business class seat in an aeroplane can cost somewhere between $US30,000 and $US80,000, according to a New York Times report.

That’s because while airlines work to pack as many seats as they can into economy class, they’re also fighting to offer the most luxurious business class options to attract high-paying passengers.

The seats themselves need to be comfortable, of course (some offer massages), but must also meet strict safety standards and be as light as possible, to reduce the plane’s overall weight and fuel use.

A new seat can take three years to design and produce.

First class offerings get even more complicated, Tom Plant of B/E Aerospace, which produces seats, told the Times. With more than 2,000 components, they can cost between $US250,000 and $US500,000.

Here’s the full video:

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