A bunch of thieves are stealing tap-and-go bank cards from revellers

Adam Berry/Getty Images

Having a night out on the town using a tap-and-go bank card stolen from a late-night drinker is on the rise in Perth, police say.

According to Perth Now, police are receiving reports every weekend where thieves are using tap-and-go cards to make dozens of purchases before a victim even realises their card is missing.

“It’s usually purses or wallets and mobile phones that have been left unattended,” Perth police station acting senior sergeant Dave Ball said. “Unfortunately, there are individuals who go into these locations with a view to stealing things, not to socialise. If they use that card 20 times, potentially you are looking at up to $2000 in fraud.”

In Australia, tap-and-go tech allows buyers to make purchases below $100 without using a PIN.

Police say thieves are using the stolen cards to pay for taxis, alcohol, cigarettes and fast food. All the items related to a night on the town.

In one instance, a card was stolen from a wallet which was left in a Perth nightclub bathroom about 3am. It was used 21 times, totaling $1150, before the victim noticed.

Visa says it isn’t aware of an increase in fraudulent activity relating to tap-and-go tech.

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