A Bunch Of The Wall Street Protesters Cut Their Hair And Put On Suits To Protest This Weekend

Occupy wall street hair cut

Photo: Photo by Meredith Hutchinson

On Saturday, we headed down to Occupy Wall Street in the morning to see how they were preparing for their big rally in Times Square.There were a ton of things going on. Some people were marching to a nearby Chase bank, others were making music or just socializing.

The most interesting thing, though, was that there was a section of the park where protesters were getting their hair cut, or taking measurements to fit into suits.

We already know that Occupy Wall Street is trying to fight the perception that all of the demonstrators are a bunch of dirty hippies. But we were pretty shocked that so many people were willing to do something as drastic as cutting their hair to support the movement.

In the words of one protester, though, “After sleeping on the ground for the past 11 days, this not a big sacrifice.”

One last thing, a big thank you to Meredith Hutchinson, our awesome photographer. You can see more of her work here.

Occupy Wall Street used some of its funds to go buy suits from local vintage stores.

Some were also donated.

Volunteers came and made alterations.

Some of the protesters were picky about their new look.

But overall, people seemed pretty into it.

Protesters changed right there in the park.

To be honest, the suits ended up looking pretty decent.

But sometimes a suit just isn't enough to get that 1% look, some protesters got haircuts from volunteer stylists.

This guy just came back from teaching about environmentally sustainable living in Tasmania.

BONUS: Some protesters put something else on their bodies... the phone number for legal help in case they got arrested.

Not all protesters look the same though, check out OWS around the world.

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