A Bunch Of People At AOL Got Fired Today

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A bunch of people working in various groups at AOL got fired today, sources tell Business Insider.A source with knowledge of the firings says some of the them were due to cost cutting and others were performance-related.

AOL is still hiring at the moment, this source says.

One source told us that AOL’s local news network of blogs, Patch, let go engineers in its Patch Labs group.

We also heard AOL editorial staffers were given walking papers.

The number of people let go is vague. A source says the firings did not come close to surpassing 100 people from any one location, which would have triggered the WARN Act.

This doesn’t sound like it was not one of those (all too familiar) days where people are going one-by-one into a conference room all day while everyone else waits in fear for their names to be called.

That’s good news.

The bad news is that we were told there will be more of these types of spot firings going down in the days to come.

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