A Bunch Of Fancy Tech People Will Be Partying In Ireland This Week

Welcome to the week ahead, our look at what’s happening in the tech world this week.

There are two conferences happening simultaneously in Dublin, Ireland — F.ounders and Web Summit.

Web Summit is a conference during the day, and F.ounders is smaller, exclusive group that has activities and dinners during the evening.

Web Summit will feature Werner Vogles, CTO of Amazon, Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox, Peter Thiel, Brendan Iribe, CEO of Occulus, and many others.

Many of those people will also participate in the night stuff for F.ounders.

Other stuff that’s happening this week:

Google is hosting an event to talk about cloud computing (via Techmeme).

A handful of tech companies are reporting earnings, including the following:

  • Tuesday, November 4: Criteo, Priceline
  • Wednesday, November 5: Zillow
  • Thursday, November 6: AOL, Millennial Media, Disney, Zynga

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