A Bunch Of Australians Have Created A Sand-Proof Beach Towel

A clever bunch of Aussies have created a sand-proof towel.

Gold Coast based company Sandusa used crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise funds for the towel’s development.

Setting the goal of raising $25,000 in 60 days, Sandusa moved 1,000 towels during the campaign and has since sold about an additional 1000.

It’s got a nylon backing, similar to a picnic rug which stops the pesky granules sticking to it, effectively curing sandy legs and car syndrome. Something Aussies have suffered from one summer too long.

An early prototype.

The front is the same as a normal towel – it’s the back which is sand and water proof. Yes, you read that correctly – it’s a waterproof towel.

Between the absorbent towel and the nylon backing is a thin layer of waterproof material.

Creator, Baz Brown was a coastal engineer working on projects like The World and The Palm in Dubai when came up with the idea about four years ago. He did all the sampling and patent protection but the project became all too hard.

Brown actually threw the towel in. Yes! And went travelling.

“I was in Costa Rica and was randomly sitting on a hammock and this guy walks past, he was Australian, they were staying next door to us. These two Australians had an online coupon business,” he told Business Insider.

Spending a crazy couple of days up in the mountains with these entrepreneurs, Brown learned all the ins and outs of crowd funding and running an e-commerce business.

“They were a huge knowledge base and taught us all this different stuff about raising funding,” he said.

Returning to Australia, Brown took two months to launch his Indiegogo campaign. He said it was a pretty stressful time because he just didn’t know what was going to happen.

“The whole thing was just getting to that first order stage,” “he said.

“We got to $10,000 really quickly so it was all about building that momentum.”

When the orders started coming in, he was stunned by the overseas interest especially from Sweden, Russia and Norway.

“It was really strange where the demand came from,” Brown said.

Once the crowd funding campaign concluded a few issues arose, Brown explained, “You never know how your manufacturer is going to handle it.”

Quality was a concern to start with, Brown rejected three production batches before he was happy with the final product.

The next step for the sand-proof towel is to roll it out through distributors around the world.

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