A British Marketing Company Got Prince Harry To Drink Whisky At The South Pole For Charity

Glenfiddich’s tweeted photo of the Walking with the Wounded teams after they made it to the South Pole on Friday, December 13.

PR companies often seek exotic locations to stage events for their clients, so the chance to get an English prince drinking whisky at the South Pole was too good to miss for London marketers Captive Minds.

Last Friday, Prince Harry completed a 320km, three-week trek to the South Pole as part of Walking with the Wounded, a charity that helps rehabilitate wounded soldiers.

Two wounded Australians, Seamus Donaghue and Heath Jamieson, were part of another team also making the trek, but they didn’t have Prince Harry’s secret weapon – sponsorship from the Scottish whisky brand Glenfiddich.

The night before the final 65km, Prince Harry and co had a dram of 29-year-old ‘Spirit of the Nation’ single malt, distilled in 1984, the year he was born.

The marketing coup wasn’t quite the intimate gathering you’d imagine, as it was beamed, via satellite, back to London to a large function where the media gathered. The PR company previously held a similar event, dubbed the World’s Highest Whisky Tasting, on Mt Everest.

Only 250 bottles of this particular whisky were made. Limited edition whiskies have become a lucrative part of modern whisky marketing, with 30-year-old Glenfiddich selling for $500 and the 40-year-old for more than $3300.

But getting Prince Harry to drink it for charity is priceless.

It’s not the first time the South Pole has been enlisted to sell whisky.

After three crates of Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt, originally taken to Antarctica by pioneer explorer Ernest Shackleton, were discovered in 2007 in his hut during restoration work to mark the centenary of his expedition, a case of the 100-year-old bottles was taken back to Scotland in 2010 and the whisky was recreated.

Mackinlay’s Old Rare Highland Malt now sells for $200 a bottle.

Here’s the tweet from Glenfiddich after the teams made the South Pole:

And here’s Prince Harry on the experience:

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