A British Duchess Is Reunited With $157,000 Worth Of Jewels She Left In An Airport 6 Years Ago

stolen jewelryThe brooch, which was recovered

Photo: The Art Loss Register

After losing precious family jewels in an airport six years ago, Britain’s Duchess of Argyll spotted the $157,000 heirloom tiara and jewels she lost  in a Scottish auction catalogue, according to ABC News.The duchess has now been reunited with her tiara, brooch, and pearl necklace, which were gifts for her 21st birthday.

In 2006, the duchess reported the items missing to the Glasgow Airport and the Art Loss Register, but the jewels were never located–until now.

Apparently, when airport security workers found the jewels in 2006, they waited three months and sold the lot for $7,500, donating the proceeds to charity. The police were never contacted.

After the duchess, 68, spotted them in a catalogue, her lawyer reached out and negotiated the return of the jewels to their rightful owner.

The story doesn’t end completely happily, however: the duchess’ pearl earrings and emerald ring are still missing.

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