A Brilliant Lesson In Globalization From McDonald's

mcspicy paneer

Despite its reputation for aggressive globalization, McDonald’s demonstrates tact in developing different products for different markets (via Schumpeter).

India’s Business Today has a great article on the creation of the popular McSpicy Paneer.

In 2009 local executives decided to create a premium vegetarian product. They settled on a burger made of paneer — aka curd cheese. No one had ever made a paneer burger, however, or processed a paneer fillet. Thus began a lengthy development process:

“Paneer looks easy to make at home. But mass-producing it to exact standards is tough,” says Malik. He and Shankarnaryanan tried several hundred formulations together for making paneer using different kinds of milk and creating different levels of moisture in the finished cheese. “We needed a paneer that was neither so soft that it crumbled easily during processing nor so firm that it became rubbery on frying. We had to walk a fine line,” says Shankarnaryanan….

Back to the preparation table. Now that the paneer was ready, the team switched its attention to the sauce. “The sauce is vital for paneer,” Upadhye explains. He spent a few days with sauce technicians from Mrs Bector’s, a food specialities firm at Phillaur in Punjab. At one such meeting, a technician recalled a particular tandoori sauce he had once made. One taste of it, and Upadhye knew he had found what he was looking for…

The result, which debuted in March of this year, was so popular that restaurants have been selling out every week.

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