A Brief Biography Of David Shing, The Australia-Born 'AOL Digital Prophet' Who Has The Internet Buzzing


David Shing, AOL’s Self-Proclaimed “Digital Prophet” has become an overnight sensation after appearing on MSNBC’s evening program yesterday.

With hair from a Japanese anime, and Instagram pictures with celebrities like Kevin Spacey, Will.i.am and Imogen Heap, Shing says he comes from humble beginnings, growing up in a two bedroom house in suburban Australia, in a family of 10 kids, at a TEDxUTSC conference in 2013.

Shing studied at Sydney’s Billy Blue design school before he “sort of fell ass backwards into being a marketeer [and] later on in life I moved into the digital spectrum,” he tells Greek blog georgakopoulo.org.

Shingy, as he is commonly known, is a down to earth guy that is an on-the-side amateur muso and the type of guy that when is asked where his favourite place in the world is he answers “Wherever my wife is.”

His honest values follow carry through to his work-life where he says he is motivated by “the awe in people”.

“If I’m inspiring people, if people are inspired by what I say and I see it in their eyes afterwards, that’s why I do it. That’s why I’m prepared to spend half my life on planes, to go out there and experience this energy,” he told a Greek blog before speaking at the 2012 TEDxAthens conference.

So, what does a “Digital Prophet” actually do? Well according to his website, Shingy “works across the globe to identify new opportunities for the business.”

He watches trends and the evolution of the online landscape, and spends time talking to people about the future of digital and how we can get the most out of it.

For AOL this means he identifies new areas of opportunity and collaborates with marketing teams to develop creative brand engagement.

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