A Breakdown Of The Top Retailers On Facebook, Twitter And Pinterest — By The Numbers


Photo: Campalyst

Only 51 brands have more than 1 million Facebook fans.On Twitter and Pinterest, only three brands have that many followers.

There are four on Google+.

Through Q3 2012, therefore, Facebook remained the dominant social medium for internet retailers.

The usual suspects dominate among the top shops in the social web: Walmart and Target.

But there are a few surprises in there, too: Amazon is NOT among the top social retailers. But Lululemon is.

Our friends at Campalyst, the social media marketing analytics company, put together this graphic analysis of who’s winning and who’s losing among retailers in social media.

Walmart and Target dominate Facebook, which has the lion's share of social retail. But fashion/apparel brands (Nike, Adidas, VS) form a strong second tier.

Retail activity on Twitter is at a much smaller scale, and Major League Baseball has twice the followers of Apple.

One way to think about this ranking of retailers on YouTube is, 'These are the most visually literate storytelling brands on the web.'

The landgrab on Google+ has begun, with brands that have been dwarfed on Facebook (like Saks) making significant early progress.

Likewise Pinterest is still up for grabs: LL Bean appears to be the early winner.

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