A 20-Person Brawl Erupted At A Wisconsin Chuck E. Cheese

chuck e cheese brawl

Two 28-year-old women were arrested after an altercation in a Chuck E. Cheese, reports Fox 6 in Milwaukee. 

According to officials, an argument occurred just before 9 p.m. Saturday after a child was taking too long to exchange his tickets for prizes. Parents in line became restless and about 20 individuals were involved in a brawl that escalated when someone pulled out pepper spray. 

Five people were treated by firefighters after being sprayed with the irritant.

The two women were taken into custody on charges of suspicion of disorderly conduct and battery, according to Fox 6. Two misdemeanours citations were also issued to two other individuals. 

Earlier this month a patron of a Long Island, NY Chuck E. Cheese was caught on camera throwing punches at another customer while holding a baby.