A Bottlenose Dolphin Is Born On Camera — Dies One Week Later

A one-week-old Bottlenose dolphin born at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois died on Thursday morning, officials report.

The baby girl was born to a 26-year-old dolphin named Allie last Friday, August 2. The delivery was filmed on video and announced in a news release on Wednesday morning.

Although initially healthy, the calf’s health began declining later on Wednesday when veterinarians noticed that “the frequency and duration of nursing began to diminish,” officials said.

By Thursday it was clear the calf was not going to make it. Officials tried to resuscitate her using CPR, but were not successful.

An animal autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

According to the Chicago Zoological Society: “Mortalities of neonatal calves during the first 30 days of life account for the largest rate of loss to dolphin populations in the wild.”