A Belgian Freeloader Who Did A Runner On 100 Restaurants Bills Has Been Found Dead

After skipping restaurants without paying the bill, Belgian Titus Clarysse has been found dead. Source: Facebook

Titus Clarysse liked to believe there was such a thing as a free lunch.

Over several years in his medieval home town of Ghent in Belgium he dined in more than 100 restaurants then left without paying the bill. Clarysse was convicted of failing to pay restaurant bills a number of times, and gained considerable notoriety as he continued on his dining spree, which included ordering lobster and cognac after dinner.

English newspaper The Independent reports that Clarysse, 35, was found dead in his apartment on Monday, apparently stabbed, and police are investigating whether it was “murder or manslaughter”.

Apparently Clarysse lived on municipal welfare and his Facebook page reveals a healthy appetite for scantily clad women. In 2009, he was gaoled for six months for his restaurant habit.

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