A substitute teacher accidentally told a class of first graders Santa Claus isn’t real

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  • A substitute teacher at Cedar Hill School in Montville, New Jersey, recently told a group of first-graders Santa Claus wasn’t real.
  • The unnamed teacher also spilled the beans on about the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Elf on a Shelf and leprechauns.
  • It’s unclear if the substitute will be allowed to work in the school district again.

For a group of first-graders in Montville, New Jersey, Santa Claus may not be coming to town after all – thanks to a substitute teacher who unwisely told the youngsters the truth about Christmas, NJ.com reported.

After the incident, which happened Thursday, Nov. 30, Cedar Hill School Principal Michael J. Raj apologised for the unnamed teacher’s actions in a letter to parents.

“During the course of the day, a substitute teacher apparently announced to the class that Santa was not real,” Raj wrote. “As a father of four myself, I am truly aware of the sensitive nature of this announcement.”

The principal said he wanted to make parents “aware of the situation” so that “if the conversation comes up at home over the next few days, you can take appropriate steps to maintain the childhood innocence of the holiday season.”

Parent Myra Sansone-Aboyoun told local station News 12 New Jersey her 6-year-old daughter, Addriana, was “extremely upset by the ordeal.”

“I was heartbroken,” Sansone-Aboyoun said. “You know, my daughter is the hugest believer in the whole Christmas spirit – Santa, giving.”

Montville Township School District Superintendent Rene Rovtar said late Friday the teacher also spilled the beans about the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Elf on a Shelf and leprechauns.

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“It’s obviously something we’re deeply concerned about in terms of her judgment,” Rovtar said, referring to the teacher.

The news made the rounds on social media, where many expressed their dismay over the teacher’s actions.


Others lauded the teacher for being honest with her students.

It’s unclear whether the substitute will continue to teach in the school district. For what it’s worth, CNN reported in 2017 that 85% of young American children still believe in Santa Claus, a figure that has remained steady throughout the years.

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