A 9,000-Year-Old Bison Has Been Found Frozen In Siberia

Modern European bison. Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

The most complete frozen Steppe bison yet known, dated at 9,300 years old, has been uncovered in the Yana-Indigirka Lowland in Siberia.

The Yukagir bison mummy, as it is named, has a complete brain, heart, blood vessels and digestive system although some organs have shrunk significantly over time.

The investigation of the unique find showed a relatively normal anatomy with no obvious cause of death.

However, the lack of fat around abdomen of the animal makes researchers think the animal may have died from starvation.

This project is being led by Dr Natalia Serduk of the Russian Academy of Sciences with contributions from a large group of scientists mainly from Yakutsk and Moscow.

The Yukagir bison mummy is the third find out of four now known complete mummies of this species discovered in the world.

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