Fiji has been hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake

Fiji. Photo: Quinn Rooney/ Getty Images.

The tsunami threat facing Fiji after a 7.0 magnitude quake hit has passed.

The 10km deep quake struck southwest of the island nation, 227km away, at about 10.53am Wednesday morning.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center initially declared the tsunami threat, which had since passed.

“There is no longer a tsunami threat from this earthquake,” the organisation reported.

“Remain observant and exercise normal caution near the sea. Otherwise… no action is required.

“Minor sea level fluctuations may occur in some coastal areas near the earthquake over the next few hours.”

The initial tsunami warning prompted evacuations across Fiji’s main island.

A Fiji Sun reporter in Nadi, on the west-coast, said people immediately started to evacuate the city after the earthquake.

Radio broadcasts warned that a tsunami could hit within an hour of the quake, she said.

Speaking from Fiji’s capital city, Suva, journalist Halitesh Datt​ said companies had ordered their buildings closed until the threat of a tsunami cleared.

Office workers were clearing the city and heading to higher ground, he said.

“What I’m seeing is just streams and streams of people walking uphill,” said Corrine Ambler, who is in Suva with the International Federation of Red Cross.

“There’s just a traffic jam, a whole pile of cars trying to get out of town.

“Everyone’s taking it pretty seriously.”

There was no sign of damage in Suva or Nadi.

The initial jolt alarmed many members of the public.

At the Fiji Sun office at Walu Bay, staff felt desks and computers shaking for a good 10-15 seconds.

It alarmed the public in the Sigatoka market, too, the Fiji Times reported.

Market vendor Deo Narayan said chairs were shaking.

“We are alarmed and want to go home but we’re waiting for word from the market master or somebody,” he told the Fiji Times.

NZ Civil Defence quickly announced there was no tsunami threat to New Zealand, shortly after the quake.

Initially, the quake was recorded at magnitude 7.2, before being downgraded.

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